Our mission is to inspire hope through our ministry of service by providing vulnerable individuals and families with tools to improve their quality of life. Our vision is a safe, healthy, and productive community where families are strengthened, people live with dignity, and human potential is realized.

We feel a deep responsibility to those who reach out to us — so we’ll never leave you where you are or abandon you. Even if we don’t offer the services you need, we’ll get you where you need to go to continue your journey with a warm handoff to the right resource. The bottom line is this: we’ll do everything within our ability to help you move toward living a more productive and purposeful life, driving your own car of life, so to speak. Ultimately, we want you to outgrow us.


We’ll never leave you where you are or abandon you. Take a look at our team who will make sure to offer a safe and productive environment where individuals and families are strengthened and human potential is realized.

Barbara Banaszynski

Acting CEO

Marie McKenzie

Executive VP & COO

Dr. Alfred Joshua

Medical Director

Michael Burreece

Program Director, SAMHSA Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Center

Mary Polley

Program Director, Offender Re-Entry Program